SC refuses to accept Justice Karnan’s petition for recall of his six-month jail term

| Friday May 19th, 2017

New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday refused to accept Calcutta High Court judge Justice CS Karnan’s petition for recall of his six-month jail term for contempt of court.

The plea was deemed ‘not maintainable’ by the top court’s registry, news agency PTI reported. Justice Karnan had moved a petition in the apex court seeking recall of the May 9 order but was denied urgent hearing by the CJI.

“It is thus manifestly clear from the averments made in the petition that the petitioner intends to impugne and challenge the judicial order passed by this court on May 9, 2017, in the suo motu petition. “The proceedings therein were decided on merits and after due consideration, it was held that Justice C S Karnan had committed contempt of the gravest nature resulting in finding of guilt.

As a sequel the petitioner also stands convicted and sentenced to an imprisionment of six months. The said findings have since attained finality,” an apex court registrar, who deals with listing of fresh writ petitions, said in his order.

“I am constrained but to hold that the present writ petition is not maintainable. The relief if any lies some where else. I thus see no reasonable cause to receive the present writ petition for registration under the provisions of Supreme Court rules, 2013”, the registrar said.

Earlier this month, the apex court sentenced Justice CS Karnan to six months imprisonment for contempt of court. The court also banned media from publishing content of orders passed by Justice C S Karnan.

The Supreme Court had taken suo motu cognisance of numerous letters written by him against judges of Madras High Court and the Supreme Court, and restrained him from exercising administrative and judicial power from February 8. Justice Karnan is due to retire in June this year.

With contempt of court charges against him, Justice Karnan is the first ever sitting judge of a higher court in judicial history to be sent to jail.



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