Vijay Mallya arrested in London, gets bail

| Tuesday April 18th, 2017

New Delhi: Vijay Mallya was arrested on Tuesday by Scotland Yard on an extradition warrant by India. Vijay Mallya was later granted bail.

India had given a formal extradition request for Mallya as per the Extradition Treaty between India and the UK through a note verbale on February 8.

While handing over the request, India had asserted that it has a legitimate case against Mallya and maintained that if an extradition request is honoured, it would show British sensitivity towards our concerns.

Last month, setting in motion the process of extradition of Mallya, the British government had certified India’s request and sent it to a district judge for further action.

The extradition process from the UK involves a number of steps including a decision by the judge whether to issue a warrant of arrest.

In case of a warrant, the person is arrested and brought before the court for preliminary hearing followed by an extradition hearing before a final decision is taken by the secretary of state.



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